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About Vision to Destiny Records
Vision to Destiny Records is an independent record label founded by a group of forward thinking professionals bent on breaking the boundaries of traditional music models.  Our primary focus is on artist/author development.  We are interested in finding acts that have serious market potential and helping them to take their act to the next step.  We are enthusiastic about creating a community of music lovers.
  Dr. Terry King is the Executive producer for V2D Records, from audio engineering to arranging, he is the project manager for all recordings, mixing and mastering.
    Dr. King has been in the business of music since 1964. Early in his music career he worked "record hops" with the famous DJ Dick Biondi, who is credited for being the first U.S. disc jockey to play the Beatles. Biondi also introduced both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones at their Hollywood Bowl appearances.
     In the 60's he played with the Chessmen, and backed up such artists as Bobby Goldsboro and Paul Anka.  In the 70's he was a studio musician in Nashville and played the Grand Ole Opry.  In the 80's he was President of H.I.S. Records.  The 90's found him in private practice as a psychologist serving clients from the Indianapolis Colts, Big 10, Nascar, IRL and heads of industry.
   Today, he is the Executive Producer for Vision to Destiny Records and in charge of artist development and project production.

V2D Records is committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams...Vision to Destiny!

V2D Records Staff

Debbie King, PhD, ND, CEO

Terry King, PhD, Exec. Producer

Brewski Richardson, Asst. Producer

Katie Wray, Marketing

The book every Indie artist needs to read!
Terry King, PhD, Executive Producer
  Dr. Debbie King is Chief Executive Officer of V2D Records; she holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an ND in Natural Medicine. At one time Dr. King owned and operated one of the largest Medical Centers in Indianapolis, Indiana; being recognized as one of the leading business women in the State of Indiana. A noted speaker, much in demand, she traveled the country speaking to clubs, organizations and corporations. She is also a radio and television personality, having appeared on both local and national talk shows.
     As far as the music business is concerned, Debbie owned and operated a booking agency, as well as traveled nation-wide as a singer and entertainer.
     In 2013, Debbie along with Terry King, started Vision to Destiny Records, an Independent record label, that is becoming an innovator within the music business.
Debbie King, PhD, ND, CEO