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Press Release
​Mikayla To Be A Contributing Songwriter For The Grimps Television Show

Mikayla, singer-songwriter, international recording artist for V2D Records, has been asked by Richard Sirgiovanni, creator of the Grimps, to be a contributing song writer for the show. The Grimps is a new phenomenon in Children's animation coming soon as a television series and major motion picture.

The Grimps, by night they're four cool musicians on the verge of stardom. By day, they're hairy, scary and tiny. They lived 500 years ago, cursed by the evil Spectar because he was jealous of their music and celebrity. So he cursed and turned them into ugly little Grimps, to be banished from society for all eternity.

Until 500 years later their friend and wizard, Magic Alex found a temporary spell to change them back to humans, but from only sunset to sunrise...but with one glitch, they are still comes The Grimps to sing and laugh their way into your hearts. Visit their website and learn more at

Both Mikayla, and V2D Records are looking forward to working with Richard on this new and exciting project. So, be watching for the Grimps coming your way!
Mikayla interview by Metal Female Voices Community Magazine from the Ukraine

Ukraine, Maksat Kerimov, creator and administrator for Metal Female Voices Community Magazine, recently interviewed Mikayla for their publication. Maksat says that the magazines aim is to create a community of people who prefer rock female performers and have the desire to get closer to the singers and bands. Mikayla's interview starts on page 9; it is a question and answer format which also includes several pictures of Mikayla. You may use this link to view the magazine spread. Click on the second file and you're there. Check it out, it's really cool. 

Mikayla Donates To MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer

Mikayla has been asked to donate her decorated & autographed sports bra to the MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer. Her sports bra will be auctioned on eBay during the “Women in Music Month” August 2014. Mikayla is excited to be participating in such a worthy cause. MZ & Emmers was formed through a friendship between women’s professional soccer star McCall Zerboni (MZ) & now 7 year old Emma Bayer (Emmers) & her parents. So far they have raised $35,700 and all proceeds benefit The Keep A Breast Foundation, well known for their “I Love Boobies” slogan. They are a youth focused, global, nonprofit organization providing education & support.  For more information visit

Mikayla Music Videos Being Shown Statewide on Omn TV

V2D Records is excited to announce that Mikayla's music videos are being showcased on "Omn TV" statewide in Connecticut and worldwide via Nutmeg TV.

Nutmeg TV is run by Nutmeg Public Access Television, Inc., an independent, not for profit corporation providing public, education and government access television in eight Connecticut towns and cities over two cable television systems.
News Release
For Immediate Release
Subject: MIKAYLA, local singer/songwriter/actor cast in new TV Series “Big Sky”

Charleston, SC – Big Sky Entertainment, Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Julie Bumgarner, has announced that MIKAYLA has been cast in a principal role in the new television series “Big Sky.” Big Sky is an American tale of the old frontier and the challenges they face, the good times, the bad and the rest that goes with it…a classic in the making. MIKAYLA, who calls Charleston home, is a V2D Records Recording Artist whose hit singles are heard in more than 70 nations and is currently preparing for her “FIRE TOUR” beginning early spring. Big Sky, the TV Series, will begin filming in California, in 2015; the series addresses the Old West and the realities of slavery, bigotry and greed, as well as forgiveness, hope and the pursuit of dreams. With a classic, Bonanza-era feel, plentiful action, cliffhanger endings, and some comic relief, Big Sky’s cast of characters experience joy and heartache, life and death, failure and victory, and the will to persevere in the true pioneer spirit. Julie Bumgarner, the Show’s Creator, comes from a family of Grammy Award winners, Julie’s creative inspiration has pulled together some of the best talent in the industry forever securing the “Big Sky” Series a special place in TV history. She herself is an accomplished writer, singer, artist and BMI songwriter. The Show’s Co-Executive Producer is Chris Bumgarner, who is also president of Precision Plastics Custom Fabrication, being involved in various stages of props, displays and manufacturing for TV, films and exhibits including America’s Got Talent, Vampire Diaries, the Titanic Exhibition and countless museums worldwide. Rick Balentine, Co-Creator/Writer/Award Winning Composer, has written, composed and arranged scores, opens, bumpers and music libraries for a host of clients, including networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX, as well as national cable channels like Women’s Entertainment Network, BET, The Game Show Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Rick also composed the theme song for “Big Sky”. MIKAYLA has been quoted as saying, “It has always been a dream of mine to be in a Western, having watched Bonanza, Gunsmoke and all the greats growing up, and to this day. I am honored to be working with Julie Bumgarner and the entire Big Sky Team”.
Rock at Night Magazine features Mikayla

LONDON – Rock at Night international magazine based in the UK has featured Mikayla in a recent issue. The article was written by Raven, from “The Raven’s Nest”, entitled, “An Interview with Southern Belle Rocker Mikayla”. The article described Mikayla as a V2D Records recording artist; Radio and TV personality, stating that she is a prolific singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, with her main focus on Classic Rock. “A Mikayla Show is an experience of sound, sight and sensuality. You may read the article for yourself by going to Since the interview was published, Mikayla has been asked to be featured again in the magazine as well as an audio interview.
The Heavy Metal Voice 

The Heavy Metal Voice recently featured Mikayla in an article stating she is the new Rock Goddess! It is written from a fan perspective, check it out!!Featured-Band-Mikayla/c1kod/55ff07ae0cf2375d99d6e780 

North Charleston, SC- Mikayla, a V2D Records recording artist, has
been asked to perform at the 2015 Independent Tone Awards Show, to be
held at the TTC Conference Center on December 12th.

This is a "red carpet" event and one of the largest award shows to
honor independent artists in the country. The Independent Tone Awards
organization chose Charleston as the site to host this event because
it is the number one tourist destination in the United States and
home to some of the best talent on the planet.

Not only is Mikayla to perform at the show, she has been nominated for
"ARTIST OF THE YEAR" in both the Rock and Alternative Rock categories.
Mikayla is asking that all her fans PLEASE go the the link below to
place their vote.


The Independent Tone Awards Show will be held at the TTC Conference
Center, 7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC. Tickets for the show
are NOW on sale, $20 for adults and $10 for children. 

Get your tickets here:

Mikayla is asking all of her local fans to support her by attending
the show, there will be a live audience vote that evening.

Mikayla is excited and said she was going to "ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!"

Mikayla enters into a songwriting agreement with Ghost Walk Studios, LLC

Dr. Debbie King, CEO of V2D Records has announced that Mikayla has entered into a songwriting agreement with Ghost Walk Studios. An original Mikayla song is being used in an upcoming movie produced by GWS.

Ghost Walk Studios specializes in the production of feature films, short films and TV shows. Screenwriter Rocky Karlage, the creative force behind the Company, created Ghost Walk Studios in association with legal liaison and producer Victoria Vardon through the development of Karlage's popular film series, The Ghost Walk Saga, which reveals the drama and the horror of the Dawson Family's nefarious deeds in Victorian Era Ohio. Current films in production include, Harvest Ball, Lilly's Cry and Dead Slate. 

Mikayla is thrilled to be a part of the Ghost Walk Studio family; talks are under way for a possible role in an upcoming film and more original songs. 
Mikayla Featured on Drop The Spotlight

Mikayla has been featured on Drop The Spotlight blog "Saw The Cuffs Off With Mikayla’s Vocal Anthem in Rock And Roll EP". The article states that Mikayla is the "real deal" and "Mikayla is the missing crown jewel of rock and roll"! Check out the full blog at this link:
IndustryBOOST Competition Finalist 2016

Ghost Walk Films is pleased and honored to announce that the music teaser, Bad Girl by Mikayla King, for the upcoming feature movie Estella's Revenge has been selected as a finalist in a 2016 IndustryBOOST Competition festival on IndieWise over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Estella's Revenge, stars John Chiara, Robbie Barnes, Parrish Randall, Rick Montgomery Jr, Vernard Adams, Richard T Phillis and Amanda VanHiel.

The Hit song "Bad Girl" by rockstar Mikayla King, is being used with permission by Vision 2 Destiny Records. Estella’s Revenge, written by Rocky C Karlage is the Prequel/Sequel to the award-winning film Ghost Walk: The Farm.
Mikayla Wins Big At The Independent Tone Awards

Charleston SC...Vision to Destiny Records is proud to announce that Mikayla had a big night at the Independent Tone Awards Show winning three prestigious awards...the coveted Rock Artist of the Year, Rock Best Performance and Rock Original Song. The ITA is a fan-based award show, once the nominees are determined, online voting begins for a preset period of time, winners are determined by the online voting as well as live voting the night of the event. Once votes are tabulated, a winner in each category is determined and announced.

The Independent Tone Awards, an RYP Production, was held December 11, 2016 aboard the historic USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charleston SC. The independent Tone Awards is the largest music award show in the Southeast United States honoring the best independent musical talent in multiple genres.

The gala included red carpet events, local and national dignitaries, award presentations and a live performance featuring some of the nations best independent artist's.

Mikayla is an internationally known singer/songwriter/actor, having been featured in several magazines and blogs around the world and whose music is being played in 195 countries. She has written music for both motion pictures and television and has been cast in a recurring role in the new TV show Big Sky. And now Mikayla can add being a multiple Independent Tone Award winner to her long list of accomplishments.